Once you've decided on the image you want painted, you need to think about the size you'd like your completed piece to be. Bearing in mind that the larger the piece is, the longer it will take to complete. This will impact the total price of the piece. To give you an idea of time frames 25x25cm piece takes at least 15 hours to complete.


Contact me with an outline of what you want. I can go through all your possible options and we can discuss the overall end result you're after. This is the best time to send me your photograph. This is when I can give you a clear idea of how much your work will cost, how long it may take to complete and when you should expect to receive your finished work, depending on what other commissions I may have at the time. A 50% deposit will be required before I commence work on your piece.


When your work is complete, I will send you a full update with images of your completed work. At this time, full payment including postage and handling must be received, at which point I will send your item out to you by New Zealand Post tracked courier (unless you have a preference for a different company).